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Hey – It’s Erin Again and I’m so excited you’re part of the Toned in Ten Family!

And before you leave today I wanted to be sure and tell you about the secret that the most successful insiders of the Toned in Ten Family follow.

It not only saves time in your day but will give you the support, motivation, love, resources and the done for you tools You NEED so you NEVER gain your weight back again.

The fact is, 96% of people fail to lose weight because they don’t have the personal guidance, motivation, and daily accountability they need to stick to the program.

That’s why I created my online personal training program that gives you the support that you NEED to maintain steady weight loss. Plus you get step-by-step recipes and brand new workouts each week to help you stay on track with your goals.

Here’s exactly how you’re going to be 100% prepared with your next steps after you complete the 14 Day Diet Detox…

What you’ll love about this is that it’s the closet thing to having your very own chef, fitness coach, nutritionist, and life coach.



  • FREEDOM from long boring workouts that don’t deliver results
  • FREEDOM from bland tasteless food
  • FREEDOM from counting calories and always feeling hungry
  • FREEDOM from guilt and negativity taking over your life
  • FREEDOM from feeling confused, lost, and not supported

This is your Everyday Friend and Coach for The Youth Method Life – A life you will love!

I know what it’s like when you feel ugly in your body… and I’m here to take you on a journey that will transform you out of that misery.

The secret to long term success is having me as your personal coach…

So…if you’re ready to reshape your body with me as your coach along with new workouts and fat burning recipes each month… And if you’re ready to never feel ashamed of the person looking back at you in the mirror, please listen because I know I can help you get what you want.

This membership is so much more than an expensive gym membership that costs $100 or more per month, or personal trainer for $85 per session.  And unlike gym memberships, my membership coaching offers so much more…

Here’s exactly what you get
when you sign up for Youth Method Life today:

Youth Method Life Members ONLY Benefit #1
New Recipes

How you eat is crucial to how you feel and how your body releases trapped fat – especially on your belly. Small changes to your diet can make HUGE changes with belly fat and skin tightening. And I’m not talking about boring bland food! These membership only recipes will double your flat belly results.

I’ve put together my favorite most delicious fat burning recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing.

I show you exactly which foods you should eat to create a metabolic fire that melts inches of body fat, and which foods you should avoid.

With everything already done for you…there will be no wondering what to make for your next meal. You’ll know what, when and how much to eat each and everyday.  

Youth Method Life Members ONLY Benefit #2

10 Minute Follow Along Workouts

I am not a fan of long workouts because they don’t work! Inside the Members only area I give you short but very effective 10 minute workouts that work to supercharge your fat loss and youth hormones.

No matter your age or fitness level I include easy modifications during every workout so you can go at your own pace and get amazing results.

PLUS: All of my workouts are body weight, so you can do them at home with out ANY equipment!

Youth Method Life Members ONLY Benefit #3
Daily Reflections and Inspiration

This is so crucial because just as important as how we eat and move is how we think. So many studies have shown that people amazing reflect, meditate or practice an abundant mindset are happier and point toward lasting sustained weight loss.

Inside this amazing module – I give you brand new daily reflections of gratitude, abundance, and meditations, that you can start today to see mind blowing improvements in your weight loss, health, and your life.

Plus you’ll get bonus videos from me as as I take you along with me to the grocery store, farmers markets, restaurants so you know how I navigate my day so you can learn on your own too.

And you can get daily inspiration and motivation from me directly as your coach.

Youth Method Life Members ONLY Benefit #4
My Daily Coaching Support

This is where my heart is and where you get daily access to me as your coach and from women from all over the world that are all striving to live lives of health, love, and happiness. 

In our Youth Method Family Private Facebook Group – you’ll find life long friends where we all encourage, motivate and inspire each other. This amazing group of ladies is one of the biggest keys to your success.

This inspiring group builds strength and personal encouragement to help you eat, move, and think in your most healthy way.  And you can get quick daily access to me in this exclusive private members only group as your coach and friend.

I hope you can see that this is the PERFECT way for you to FINALLY have the long term success you’ve been craving.

And today you can get access for just $1!

It’s true – You’ll get unlimited access for only $1 and if you decide you love it as much as I know you will – after the trial ends you’ll only be charged $29.95/ month. It’s such an amazing deal considering gym memberships cost 50 – 75% MORE a month and don’t offer a personal coach, new workouts, recipes, motivational videos, or an exclusive private Facebook group.

And if you decide you don’t want to continue with Youth Method Life – all you have to do is send an email to to cancel before the 30 days are up and you won’t be charged a thing. 🙂

It’s completely risk free!

SO join now and start on your life transformation journey for fat loss, health, and happiness!

You Can Get Started For Just $1

Yes, I want to try Youth Method Life for 30 days for $1 and then pay only $29.95/month if I decide to stay.



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No Thanks, I’m going to pass on having you as my personal coach, the amazing recipes, new workouts, and videos that will accelerate my results, simplify my life and improve my weight loss and health even though I have 60 days to see if it really works.

Now that you know how much Youth Method Life can help simplify your life, I want you to picture the new life you’re about to create and think about how you will stay motivated, enthusiastic and inspired for months and years to come.

Are you worried you’ll lose motivation when life gets busy?
Or do you fear that you’ll get bored of cooking if you cook the same recipes all the time?
Do you get stressed when you have to think up a new recipe and meals?
Do you secretly hope to never struggle again but think it s impossible because you’ve always failed in the past?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – you’re not alone and please be assured you can take control of this right now.

You can have me as your coach and the amazing membership only benefits in Youth Method Life so you can achieve all of your weight loss, health, and happiness goals – RISK FREE.

So if you’re ready to get off the weight loss roller-coaster there will never be a better time and it will never be offered again at this new member only discount price…

Yes, I want to try Youth Method Life for 30 days for $1 and then pay only $29.95/month if I decide to stay.




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No Thanks,  I’m going to pass on having you as my personal coach, the amazing recipes, new workouts, and videos that will accelerate my results, simplify my life and improve my weight loss and health even though I have 60 days to see if it really works.