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Hi there, it’s Erin, and I want to personally congratulate you on making the decision to invest in “Toned in Ten!” You are just a few moments away from getting started with me personally to achieve your leanest body and most youthful skin. I want to assure you that you now have everything you need to visibly see your leanest most attractive body ever… However, 90% of women tell me that their biggest problem is planning ahead every day so that they can stick to the program without cheating or eating the wrong foods for burning fat. You can easily keep your progress going and peel away years from your age and twice as much belly fat and cellulite using a few new strategies from my “Done-for-You” Accelerated Fat Loss system. That’s why it’s the perfect complement to your order only if you want to take your belly fat and cellulite melting results to the next level… To see your flattest belly and most lean youthful body in the shortest amount of time possible while enjoying delicious foods every single day.


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Component 1: Accelerated Fat Loss One Week Meal Plan ($37 Value)

  • The Accelerated Fat Loss One Week Meal plan will show you exactly how to eat delicious food that will automatically cleanse your body of toxins, age accelerating inflammation, and fat storing hormones that prevent 90% of women from ever losing TRAPPED fat.
  • You’ll melt away TWICE as much cellulite and TRAPPED fat because of these new strategies that “Ignite Your Youth and Fat Burning Hormones” even faster for your most optimal belly flattening and lean youthful body results.
  • These are the exact meal plans my personal clients used to drop 10, 15, even 20+ pounds without EVER feeling hungry.
  • You’ll be eating healthy antioxidants, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory “nutrients” as you watch in amazement at how youthful and lean you feel after each and every delicious meal!

Component 2: Accelerated Fat Loss Recipes ($37 Value)

  • These never-before-seen recipes work with your body at the cellular level to flush out even more “Fat and Toxins” to turn on your good genes that allows you to burn more belly fat and look more youthful every single day.
  • You’ll be amazed at how energetic, youthful, and lean you feel as you flush more fat and toxins to boost your energy and peel away years of trapped belly fat.
  • All just by eating these delicious and simple meals that help your body fix your metabolism for maximum fat burning.

Component 3: My Best Belly Flattening Smoothies ($27 Value)

  • These 2-minutes to make belly flattening smoothies are flooded with fat burning antioxidants and flat belly super foods to flatten your belly and reveal younger skin no matter how busy you are.
  • Just imagine visibly SEEING your belly flatten and your skin tighten day after day thanks to a few special nutrients that speed up results.
  • And after going through the thousands of fat burning smoothie recipes I have recommended to my private clients over the past 18 years, I narrowed it down to these Top 10 Belly Flattening Smoothies that deliver the absolute best flat belly results possible.
  • If you are someone on the go – these are true lifesaving recipes that keep you full, satisfied and burning fat all day long.

BONUS: A One-on-One Email Consultation Directly With Me ($247 Value)

I saved the best for last! The fastest way to your success – learn from the creator of Toned in Ten – and remove all barriers to your success. In addition to the “Done for You” tools above, if you have any questions about the Toned in Ten program after going through the course materials, you’re going to have the opportunity to get them all answered directly by me. Not by a team member, but by me as the creator of the program via a personal one-on-one email consultation. You will be put on the VIP email list so when your email comes through – it will be sent directly to me. This is truly the most valuable offer I can provide, and is only a one time offer.

Plus with the additional FREE 14-day trial to my amazing membership program, you’ll get the latest up to date advice, support and techniques from me and the other inspiring women in the group so you’ll be able to KEEP the fat off longer!

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