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I created these 4-Minute Shortcuts for you because they burn the most calories as possible in just 4 Minutes – up to 360 calories! 

The perfect thing about these videos is that you can create your own workout. You can mix and match according to how much time you have to workout.  You can use a single workout as a stand alone exercise program on the days you don’t have time for your Toned in Ten Workout.

You could also add one after your Toned in Ten Workout to break through plateaus – especially if you overindulged the night before.

You could even do two videos for an 8 minute workout or stack 3 together and burn up to 1000 Calories in 12 minutes! It’s all up to you!  

More Workouts = More variety = More Success!

Imagine never feeling guilty again about skipping your workout because even on your busiest of days – all you need is 4 minutes for a great fat blasting workout. You can’t go wrong with these Follow Along Video workouts and you will find them a much needed option on your super busy days. Just like the main workouts you will have me coaching you through each and every exercise.

I know you’re going to love the flexibility that these videos offer, which is why I’m also going include my 100% money back guarantee.  If for any reason you’re not happy with these 4-minute Tabata workouts just let me know and I’ll refund your payment right away, no questions asked.

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