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3/31/15 – 

Know Better, Do Better, Be Better –

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I always have a moment of pause when I hear that a family member is ill.  Having used food to heal myself, it is difficult to not urge others to do the same. However, when it comes down to it, my pause is to figure out which reaction they would appreciate more – a “hey, you want to know how to get better” or “gee, sorry you’re sick”.  I tend to choose the first.  So, this is where I found myself earlier this week when my little brother posted that he was having heart palpitations, chronic shin splints and was not sleeping well. My brother is 26, a dedicated police officer, and too young to be suffering from chronic issues.  His concern was enough where he had seen a doctor that prescribed him drugs to deal with his symptoms.
Mostly, when I approach people about food I have found that they are going to eat what they eat. If someone doesn’t want to change that – there is no use fighting them.  On the other hand, some folks just don’t know how food can heal them and bring them out of the darkness of sick into the lightness of health. So, my brother surprised me when he chose to learn about food and what it was doing to his body.  Without getting into too much detail about his diet, I will just say he is a pizza and beer kinda guy.  So, I was overjoyed when he was up to the challenge and then nervous about my own challenge of helping him from 3 states away!  My mantra for him became: “know better, do better, be better.”  I told him a big concern of mine was that by taking his particular prescription he was masking his body’s signal that there was something wrong and not healing the problem.
  I love this quote from Food Matters:
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My brother just completed his first week of enlightened diet and lifestyle.  Even though he had some struggles with planning and making sure he had enough food with him – overall, he found success.  He rose to the occasion and stuck to his plan.  He is sleeping better, has had no heart episodes, ran 2.5 miles with no shin splints and has lost weight!  He changed his life this week!  I couldn’t be more proud of him and I can’t wait to see how much more light he can welcome into his life in his second week!
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