Free Arm Workout

6/3/15 –

It’s finally warming up – especially here in Upstate NY.  Warmer weather means baring your arms in sleeveless and short sleeve shirts – so here’s a free workout to make your arms look even more amazing!  Enjoy.  :-)~~~

Summer Arm Sculpt

-Repeat Circuit 3 times
-Rest 30 sec between circuits
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1) Plank walk out (alternating sides) – 60 seconds
2) Mountain Climbers (alternating sides) – 60 seconds
3) Downward Dog Pushups – 30 seconds
4) Commandos (alternating sides)- 30 seconds
This is a tough one, but will give you great results!

Products I love

I made the recipe below over the weekend and it was so delicious and easy!   It’s from my friend Flav’s cookbook I told you about yesterday.  I forgot to mention to you that her cookbook comes with a special bonus to help you make 3 days worth of food in LESS than an hour. This makes her cookbook one of my favorites!
The bonus was created alongside Professional Chef Amy Stoddart who unpacks her 10 years of culinary skills into a 50-minute step-by-step video called:
“How to Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes!”   One of my favorites and a huge time-saver! Another great tool in your recipe toolbox.  🙂

Recipe of the WeekBasil-Chicken

 == >  How To Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes


Happy Eating!