Defy Aging – Strategy #3

8/27/15 ~~

Hello Guys!

Hopefully most of you have been reading the last couple weeks of newsletters that introduced the science behind telomeres in relation to how are bodies age. It also explained that we can change our lifestyle habits to slow down telomere shortening and therefore improve the aging process to help us look and feel younger.  
To recap – Strategy # 1 was Good nutritional changes and
Strategy # 2 was Reduce Stress – if you missed them go back and take a look!  
Here is strategy # 3 to slow down telomere shortening and therefore slow aging.

Strategy #3 – Get enough sleep

When sleep is cut short – you disrupt vital time for your body to process even moderate levels of oxidative stress.  Without ample healing time during sleep, your body will experience accelerated aging and even neurological decline.  Yikes!
Sleep tips:
A. Eat Animal Fat And/Or Olive Oil
At dinner (and lunch, and breakfast)-They are excellent sources of oleic acid, a precursor to the sleep-inducing oleamide.
B.  Stop Alcohol Consumption At Least Two Hours before Bedtime
If you plan on drinking alcohol, do so earlier in the evening. Alcohol consumption too close to bedtime can impact sleep. It will be poor quality sleep with frequent disturbances.
C.  Dim the Lights When Darkness Falls
If it’s dark outside, your body needs to start winding down, and excessive artificial lighting will get in the way of that.
D.  Don’t Check Your Email before Bed
Whatever you read will only keep you awake, worried, or distracted.
E.  Turn off All Screens an Hour or Two before Bed
Smartphones, laptops, computers, TVs, tablets – they all emit melatonin-disrupting blue light directly into your eyes. We need melatonin to start the process of getting sleepy. If you disrupt melatonin production with artificial light you will have a much tougher time falling asleep. Read a book instead.
F.  Clear Your Mind
Meditation or prayer can help clear your mind, or you could make a to-do list for the following day so that you don’t lie awake thinking over everything.
G.  Use White/Brown Noise
Or nature sounds before bed. Falling rain is a good sound to fall asleep to.
H.  Make Sure Your Room Is Dark and Cool
(The ideal temp for sleep is 65°F). To transition into sleep mode, don’t watch TV or go online for an hour before bedtime.
I.  Eliminate or Cover Up Any Sources of Light In Your Bedroom
Even the tiny blinking ones and be sure to have black-out blinds over your windows. Complete dark allows melatonin production from being disrupted – melatonin helps you sleep.

Recipe Corner

Here is a super yummy and healthy chocolate treat recipe for you to try!