Tips To Balance Your Hormones



Today I have some great tips to help you fix your hormone imbalances to keep your metabolism working at it’s best.  Hooray! ~~
Here you go:
–Supplementing with Vitamin C can rapidly stabilize your cortisol levels after a workout allowing you to get into fat burning mode and avoid the dreaded belly fat storage.
–Adding Cinnamon to your meals, in the ideal quantity, can improve your insulin sensitivity helping to prevent you from putting on more body fat and instead keeping you in fat burning mode.
–By learning how to properly cycle calories you can prevent your thyroid hormone from dipping down too low and slowing down your metabolism.
–By manipulating the timing of your meals you can raise your Growth Hormone – your youth hormone that helps burn fat and boosts youth.
–When Leptin hormone levels get depressed your body goes into Fat Storage mode – Not good!  The most effective way to elevate Leptin and recharge your metabolism is a meal high in good for you carbs and calories. (Strategically Indulging) That’s why I have my Sweet Sundays – my indulgence day. It assures my Leptin levels don’t get too low.

Products I Love

One of my Easy Standby Sweet Sunday indulgences is Dark Chocolate.
I love Green and Black 85% Dark Chocolate.  You can find it here – Super Yum!

Great Recipe for Strategic Indulgence


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