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Rapidly Tighten Your Skin and Melt Away  Wrinkles In Just 72 Hours

Hey, it’s Erin again, and I want to make sure you get the absolute best results possible and once you start losing inches and cellulite – I want to make sure your skin stays tight, smooth, and radiant.  

You see a lot of clients notice that when they lose fat – especially from their face and belly – that they start to notice sagging skin that makes them look much older than they really are.   

So – once you lose your stubborn fat – I want to make sure it never returns and I also want to make sure that you erase wrinkles and tighten your skin so you don’t have saggy loose skin around the areas you lose weight – especially your belly, face, and arms.

This is exactly why I put together a “Done-for-You” 72 hour Meal Plan and Recipes for you to perform that removes all the guesswork – so your skin tightens and firms as you lose all of your stubborn fat and cellulite.  It’s the perfect meal plan to use after the Accelerated Fat Loss Meal plan for your most tight skin and tight body results.

This customized plan prevents any confusion to guarantee you get the youngest, healthiest, flattest belly ever while removing ALL risks of saggy wrinkled skin that lasts a lifetime.

72 Hour Radiant Skin Detox

($60 Value)


During the72 Hour Radiant Skin Detox – your wrinkles are smoothing and your skin is tightening. After those 72 hours you’re like a whole NEW person that feels amazing with renewed youthfulness and confidence.

The 72 Hour Radiant Skin Detox uses a mix of “radiant skin foods” that turn on your “Youth Hormones” at an accelerated rate.

Once you switch ON these “Youth Hormones” you’ll instantly notice more radiant younger looking skin with the added bonus of more energy as your body’s natural ability to fight aging takes over.

And believe me –  you will NOT be starving yourself for 72 hours. 

Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy endless amounts of  delicious foods that turn on your look younger hormones to remove the toxic fat and wrinkles that cause your skin to age faster so you’ll instantly notice tighter younger skin and more energy as your body’s natural ability to fight aging takes over.

This is the exact meal plan I give my clients that want to tighten and smooth their skin as they rapidly lose weight or before big events to make sure their skin looks tight, radiant and glowing. 

If You Activate Your New Customer Rewards Discount Today You’ll Receive These 3 FREE Bonus Items So You’ll Always Have The Keys to Looking Younger!


Bonus 1:
Anti – Aging Smoothie Recipes

($47 Value)

This Recipe Manual has 35 delicious and easy to make Look Younger smoothie recipes you can make after your 72 hour Radiant Skin Detox.

Each recipe is filled with wrinkle erasing antioxidants to tighten your  skin no matter how busy you are.

Just imagine visibly SEEING your skin tighten every day while drinking these superfood nutrients that speed up your ability to tighten skin and erase wrinkles.

Enjoy ones like Mocha Lovers Delight, Blueberry Cream Swirl, and Vanilla Coffee Kick-start.

You will feel like you’re having dessert with these smoothies – they are amazing! 


Bonus 2:
The 20 Most Powerful Anti-Aging Foods

($27 Value)

This list includes the most nutritionally dense, anti-aging, wrinkle erasing, delicious super foods nature has to offer.

The foods on this list will accelerate your wrinkle erasing results in record time and many of the foods on this list are included in the smoothie recipes above.

I truly believe these foods are one of the biggest reasons I have been able to stay looking 10 – 15 years younger than my actual age.

Print the list and place it on your fridge so you can be sure you’ll be eating the best foods for your skin weekly and better yet – daily!


Bonus 3:
Say Goodbye to Cellulite

($19 Value)

Now you can drastically boost your bodies ability to repair your cellulite AND Not Be Embarrassed When Wearing Shorts or a Dress.

All of us have struggled with cellulite at one time or another and we all know it causes our skin to look dimpled, saggy, and older.

With this guide you can finally say goodbye to cellulite with easy targeted tips, tricks and strategies for smooth, tight, and more youthful skin.



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