#1 Bodyweight Exercise

7/8/15 ~~

Some interesting news for you today!
The NY Times recently revealed our workouts MUST be high-intensity and that
weight training (that includes bodyweight training) is good for weight loss.
More Interesting news:
Canadian researchers tested the #1 bodyweight exercise against long cardio. In the study, 22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks.

Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate

Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of the #1 bodyweight move with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.


Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%). That’s right, the short, 4-minute workouts with the #1 bodyweight exercise worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio. Pretty Amazing.

BUT…only the women using the #1 bodyweight exercise increased muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups. And using the #1 bodyweight move also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment.

The Canadian Scientists concluded that doing just 4-minutes of bodyweight training will give you the same fitness results as long, slow, boring cardio.

That’s great news for everyone. You CAN get great fat burning, fitness boosting results in just a few minutes with the #1 bodyweight exercise…
…and that exercise is Burpees.
Now wait a second…I know what you’re thinking…Burpees? That’s a difficult exercise!
Fortunately, after spending many years as a Physical Therapist training men and women of all ages and fitness levels, I’ve discovered equally effective exercises, like “mountain climbers”, “rocking planks”
“prisoner squats”, and many other exercises found in my Toned in Ten Program.
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Products I Love

One of my all time favorite health and wellness books is “The Primal Blueprint”. This book truly changed the way I look at food, and how it nourishes your body to feel good; or with the wrong foods – feel awful.  I sincerely believe in it.  My passion for it led me to become a Primal Blueprint Certifed Expert so I could teach the science behind it to as many of my patients and people as possible. My Nutrition guide and workouts are direclty influenced by this book.  I highly recommend it!

Recipe Corner

This recipe is so good and perfect for salads or to top fish or chicken.  So refreshing and delicious and it’s my very own recipe.

Avocado Dressing
(Makes 1 cup, serves 8)

½ avocado
¼ cup coconut milk
3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 garlic clove
finely chopped 2 anchovy fillets (optional)
finely chopped ½ cup coarsely chopped parsley
2 tablespoon coarsely chopped fresh tarragon
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
Blend the first nine ingredients in the food processor until combined. With the blade running, pour in the oil and process until the dressing thickens and the herbs are finely chopped.
Happy Eating!